Sugar Wax Kits


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This is a less painful hair removal process that eliminates hair breakage. Sugar waxing minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs, sugar paste breeds no bacteria and there are no risks of allergic breakouts!

4 OZ


This wax kit includes a jar of sugar wax, 7 wooden spatulas for wax spreading 5 large 2 small and 15 wax strips 10 large 5 small. Melt your wax in 10 second increments WARNING SUGAR WAX GETS EXTREMELY HOT, exfoliate the area you plan to wax then thoroughly clean and completely dry, apply powder to the area, apply wax against the direction of hair growth, rubbing/ molding the wax into hair (2-3 strokes), press the wax strip onto the wax, let the wax cool completely, remove strip in the natural direction of the hair growth. Store left over wax in the fridge. NOTICE THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SUGAR, HONEY, LEMON AND ESSENTIAL OIL FOR SCENTS SHELF LIFE: 6MO


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