Recycling Program

Email us at to receive a shipping label to return your empty bottles and containers from us... The more you return, the more of a discount on your future purchase you will receive! Up to 80% OFF!!! We will refill the items for you or you can use your discount on a purchase towards another item. If you live locally we will come pick up your empty containers and refill them for you. 

please include the following details in your email:



# of containers your returning

and please specify if you need larger packaging for your return


1 container  =  10% off  send back the maximum of 8 containers to receive 80% OFF

(containers do not have to be sent all at once you can send 1 and receive your 10% off discount and use it or save it and when you return another container another 10% will be added to the discount you already have, DISCOUNTS CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. Once you use your discount your % off starts back over at 10% off)