Self love affirmation bracelets


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The self love bracelet is made with crystals intentionally placed to charge our love chakras. 

The Hematite crystal brings balance to both the esthetic body and physical body. Due to its magnetic nature it brings us back to equilibrium, it stimulates concentration and focus. Grounding us and protecting us it strengthens our connection with the Earth and gives us a safe and secure feeling. 

The Rose Quart crystal is known for its unconditional love. It boosts feelings of self love and fosters loving relationships with others. It’s a grounding stone that roots us to the Earth, lifting your mood and keeping you protected. 

The Rhodochrosite crystal is a stone that stimulates love and passion while energizing the soul. It opens your heart lifting depression and encourages a positive and cheerful outlook. Improving your self worth and eliminating emotional stress. 

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