Bath Bar Set


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This set turns your bath time into the best experience your skin could have… The Bath Bar set comes with a shot of relaxation, a bubble bath shot, a soft skin shot and a bath tea bag… 



Pour a desired amount of each shot into your running bath water and drop your bath tea bag into your bath water (without opening the tea bag). Soak your entire body and watch the difference these products make your bath time! Leaving you relaxed, clean and smooth… get yours now as these products are limited! 



relaxation shot - shimmering bath powder, melatonin, espom salt, oat flour, pink Himalayan sea salt.  45ml

bubble bath shot - Castile soap, essential oil for scent.  45ml

soft skin shot - vitamin E oil, almond oil, mica powder, and essential oil for scent.  45ml

bath tea bag - rosemary, pink Himalayan sea salt, eucalyptus, lavender, calendula, tea leafs, motherwort, and mugwort.  5x7in

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